August 26, 2021. Off-the-record unconference.

All you need to know to achieve self-sovereignity.
We all got red-pilled on the financial system.
Time to look into alternatives in other areas of our lives.
Let's discuss how to escape the broken system and build the right experience for ourselves

Important: The event is completely off-the-record. We value your privacy and trust you to do the same towards people around you.
No video recordings are allowed.

You will get the address of the event 12-24 hours prior to the start. You can choose to RSVP with your Email, Telegram or Twitter handle

Hosted by PlanBPassport.com

Final schedule will be sent 12 hours prior to the event
Thursday, August 26th
12pm - Meet your tribe. Coffee with Bitcoiners
12.30 pm - Prepper mentality:
Key ways to shift your mentality so you're prepared for anything
w/ @LadyAnarki
1pm - Unschooling: teach your kids freedom
How I unschooled my kids with Ron Paul curriculum
w/ Skeef
1.30 pm - 3D2A: print guns, not money
w/ @_JoeRodgers
2pm - Lunch Break (fiat food provided)
3pm - Flag Theory and Jurisdictional Arbitrage
w/ @KatieTheRussian
3.30pm - Freedom phones and the software that powers them
w/ LikeWhoa
4pm - TBD

No more RSVP, the only way for you to attend the event is to find a pleb that trusts you and will bring you to the undisclosed location.
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